Intelligent Platform for Analyzing and Valuating Investment Properties

What We Do?


Leverage Intelligent Technology To Analyze Deals

Provide One-Click Property Analytics Reports

Facilitate Conversion of Leads Into Deals

Help Brokers To Improve Team Productivity

Why TruDeed?

With TruDeed, we do all the heavy lifting for you. We save you time in performing property analysis for your clients. Using advanced intelligent technology, we help you to identify the best deals within seconds.  Powerful analytics are performed with one simple click on our platform.  We do all the research and number crunching so you can focus on closing more transactions. Stay competitive with TruDeed, the Smartest Platform for real estate professionals.

Get Client into Action. Build to Convert Leads

Empower your team to spend their time on the leads instead of analyzing deals, proven to help agents in converting leads to appointments.Agent will be able to analyze deal with different edit strategies including Fix and Flip, Hold, BRRRR. Allow agent to input different assumption so that they can provide accurate insight on offering price and listing price.

Designed for Speed with Advanced algorithms

Give agents the ability to provide real-time in depth analysis with no time, leading to increased closing and transaction rates We manage the complex calculation with advanced algorithm, so you can close more deals.

Stay Smarter and Ahead of the Competition

Help agent to equip themselves and enable them to stay competitive in this technology disruptive industry (iBuyer, Tech Brokerage)


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Multiple Exit strategy Analysis

TruDeed analyzes the profitability
and detailed financials for each
deal we found so you only have
to focus on the best ones.

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Smart Analytics Dashboards

Why search listings for hours on end
when our Smart Screener can do the
same in seconds using A.I. technology?

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Suggested Offer Analysis

Agent can customize parameters
to structure the deal according to
client’s KPIs. For example, you
will get the suggested offer
price to match your client’s ROI
objective. Give you the ability
to perform a huge number of
what-if scenarios by editing

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Smart Analytics Reporting

Unlike other CMAs, we do not generate
a 30 pages long CMA for your client.
Our analytic report are profession,
to the point, clean and clear. With
your branding on the it, you can now
present investment deals and engage
with your client that most agents do
not offer.

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