About Us

Welcome to TruDeed

TruDeed (Formerly Innodee) is a pioneer in Property Technology (PropTech) and Financial Technology (FinTech). Our mission is to help investors find great investments and ensure deal providers have free and easy way to get more eyes on their deals without worrying about agent fees or costs. Built by the community, for the community.

Who Are We

Intelligent Platform for Analyzing and Valuating Investment Properties

Our Mission

To revolutionize how investment properties are bought and sold leveraging advanced analytics and A.I. technologies.

What We Do

Leverage intelligent technology to analyze investment deals

Our 3-D process


Instant Equity Deals

Access to one of the largest Instant Equity marketplaces in the Greater Seattle Area with intelligent analytic tools to discover deeply discounted deals everyday.


Financial Insight Built In

Intelligent Financial Analysis is at your figure tips including ROI, Cap Rate, CoC, and more all while supporting different financial scenarios for every type of buyer: 1st time buyer, Fix and Flip, Buy and Hold, Fix and Hold, and BRRRR with big data.


CMA Generation

Calculate a best offer to help your clients in buying profitable deals in seconds or the feasibility for every investment deal with different exit scenarios. Then impress your clients and increase buyer engagement and conversion with built in smart analytic reports including projections, photos, and comps all branded to your business.

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