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Quickly find the best investment properties using our proprietary intelligent engine. We analyze every deals on MLS and provide you the best one.


Intelligent Financial Analysis is at your figure tips including ROI, Cap Rate, CoC, and more all while supporting different financial scenarios.


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Find Positive Cash Flow deals on MLS using our proprietary intelligent engine. We present them in a dashboard with key numbers. You only have to drill down into your most desirable deals to see their details without wasting time on non-viable ones.

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Use our smart filters to find the perfect investment property. Forget about the spreadsheet and view properties that meet your criteria.

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I couldn’t find the property elsewhere except from TruDeed. The price and potential profitability were great and TruDeed provided me excellent analysis of the deal. Their service made it very easy for me to close and carry out the rehab. TruDeed is a great team to work with!
I have been looking for deals for months and could not find any. Through Trudeed, I was able to find one of the cheapest deal in West Seattle area with huge instant equity, plus good cap rate. Trudeed provided great lending partner for me to get the hard money quick and easy, very smooth process and closing.

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